Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hello, everybody!!!
Glad to see you, visiting our blog! My nickname is Axi (my real name is Sasha, if you are interested). All that I could tell you about myself you can find in my profile. So I don't know what else to say about myself... If you have any questions, ask me: I'm always ready to answer them! Unfortunately I still have no photo here, but in this case appearence is not so important, I suppose)


ewe said...

Salut! My congratulations))
Glad to see you here)
really nice choice of the topic) I'm already interested)
Best wishes,
KOALition member Elena (ewe)

ewe said...

I like the time when all your posts were written :)
*don't you sleep at night?*

anna_filatova said...

Hello Sasha, Olya and Nelly!

So, you've made a team blog! Is it a new one, or you've solved technical problems with the older version of it?... Great!

Olga, I liked your self-presentation. It's so like you: sincere, charming, and playful.

I can't wait to see Nelly's profile, too.

Sasha, I think you aren't right about photos. It makes one's web site so much more personal and lively.

Check out the weblog og Sveta, Elya and Lilya:

Huh? Nice, isn't it?

Thank you so much for selecting this utterly challenging topic. You are very brave! I do hope you'll be interested in reading at least some of the works by the American Nobel Prize Winners along the way. I am sure that you'll succeed, and your work is going to be highly enlightening not only for our class, but also for many people on the Web.

Keep up doing a good job!


anna_filatova said...

In regard to Lena's comment:

I do want to hope you sleep at night. WARNING: Mid-night blogging is highly detrimental to your health! :)

You might want to change the default Pacific time into Moscow time. It's somewhere in the settings. I've done it on my blog. So if you see me posting in wee hours, it means I am really doing it at night. But don't follow in my footsteps, please!