Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Our group, which consists of Nelly, Olya and me, is glad to inform you that we have finally decided which topic to work on! Here it is: "American writers: Nobel Prize Laureates". First of all, we are sure that this theme is quite interesting. Secondly, the area of studies here is rather wide, and consequently, this theme gives wonderful opportunity to concentrate on several American writers, which were considered to be the most outstanding. We would be happy to know that you are also interested in such a theme)))


anna_filatova said...

Dear Sasha, Olga, Nelly and Oksana:

I am very happy that you have chosen this topic. I am sure that you'll enjoy exploring the legacy of these outstanding writers.

Best of luck in your research!

Sunrise said...

Sveta: Sashka, I have just one question - are you the only one to work on this blog? I mean, are you a computer genious? Maybe you'jj help me with posting an audio clip?

Sunrise said...

Sveta: Sashka, I have an idea. My vocabulary is too poor to explain you how to post a picture. How about talking on this, say, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? By the way, maybe tommorow Elya will join me. So I wish you the same.
P.s. My poor Sashka, keep on struggling!!