Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hello, everybody! Sorry for having left no posts at this blog for a long period of time, though it is one of my main duties. First of all, I’d like to say that our group decided to change our topic a bit. We decided to take only William Faulkner as a Nobel Prize Laureate. It would be fair to mention that it was Olya’s initiative. I usually have no exact preferences in literature (and not only there). Certainly, I like some writers more than others but I often find something really interesting and useful in each of the books I’ve ever read. So it was quite difficult for me to choose only one of the numerous talented and outstanding American writers. Olya was so impressed by William Faulkner and his works that we just couldn’t stay indifferent. We became completely absorbed in her excitement. Next week I’m going to read some of his short stories and especially I would like to read “Intruder in the Dust”. I’ve heard nothing about it before but the title of the novel promises something interesting.
I also can’t keep in my impressions after having read some of the stories written by Ernest Hemingway. I really liked it very much. I’ve never thought that his stories are so simple on the one hand, but so deep on the other. He describes the relationship between people and their feelings so unconstrainedly and clearly. Every thought and feeling of the characters in his stories seems to be evident though in real life we rarely think of what stands behind different words that people tell each other, behind different actions. Now I’m grateful to our course on American literature because without it I would hardly read it. And now it’s my turn to stimulate your desire to get acquainted with the stories of such an outstanding writer. Perhaps I was not too persuasive but I hope there will be some result.

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anna_filatova said...

Sasha, it's good to see you posting again. I am glad that you've decided to narrow down your topic. And I am expecially happy that you have chosen William Faulkner who is underappreciated.

It's nice that our class on Hemingway made you think about human relationships and their intricacies. I am really glad you've come to like Hemingway's stories. Hope we'll continue to discover the beautiful realm of American Literature. Thanks for your post!