Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My analyze of Hemingway's style and themes

Ernest Hemingway has become extremely popular with the help of his brilliant short stories. `”Cat in the Rain”, “Hills Like White Elephants”, and “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” are the most popular short stories, but in spite of their shortness very deep ones. After having read these Hemingway’s works, you will be able to analyze his style at all.
What are the main characteristics of his manner of writing? Firstly, it’s simplicity. There are no long and tedious sentences, when you forget what it was about after read it to the end. Secondly, instead of long descriptions there are spontaneous dialogues and replicas. With the help of such a style it’s much more interesting to read his stories. You will enjoy yourself and improve your mood while reading. And thirdly, a very important human questions concerning life, love, and relationships between partners are hidden in them.
In his short stories Hemingway is genius. He raises such deep themes while describing common life situation. He was a real master, and his works are always up-to-date, like themes of love, relationships, and feeling of loneliness, which is the most important in his short stories. Why do people feel alone having a husband or a wife? This was the most important question for Hemingway in his works. May be, it was the most urgent problem for him. Hemingway was married 4 times; he couldn’t find happiness and real love, so he was lonely during all his life. I guess, it was the main reason, why he has written so many works dealing with the theme of unhappiness and loneliness.
Being lovely and important is the most necessary things for all the people. And there is no matter if you are woman or man. Personally I think that it’s much more important to feel yourself important for men rather than for women. Than they become stronger and happier. It’s only an ability of women to make them “real” men.
Hemingway especially has raised this theme of feeling important in his short story “Cat in the Rain”. A young girl, who has a rich husband still are so lonely. She is like that cat in the rain, whose owner just forgot about it. May be, she also sees herself in this cat and so wants to take it home. And it’s not a common whim (but it seems like that), it’s a wish to feel important and lovely. She wanted that her husband took his newspaper away and did something for her. She hasn’t asked for diamantes, it was just a cat…and he didn’t want to do it for her.
After having read his stories men will say that all the women are so uncertain, they never know what they really want. It’s one of their faults, and because of this there are so many divorces. And all the women will understand the moral!


anna_filatova said...

that's exactly what I wanted you to do! Thanks for your analysis and sharing your impressions. It's precious when a person thinks and comes up with oroginal ideas.
So, do you think that men need to feel important more than women do??? Does it mean that men are more insecure?

By the way, what story did you like most?

Readers said...

I think that men really need to fell important more than women do. It doesn't mean that they are more insecure. They need someone, whom they will be too important for, and without whom they (women) will not be able to deal with problems. The feeling that someone really needs them is very necessary and makes them surer in oneself. It helps them to deal with other more difficult problems and to be happier while feeling that they are so important in someone’s life.
‘Cat in the rain” impressed me greatly. It’s short, but so deep and close to girls.

Dana and Johnny said...

I am a teacher in Southern California, and was pursuing through your blog, but this was a sad analysis of Hemingway. I think, as a college student, you would have a deeper thought process than this. My high school students have more complex ideas about Hemingway than you do.

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